01 Website / eCommerce

Visitors to your digital shop front (website) will be captured and secured for customer relationship management. Our all-in-one digitalisation service, builds and maintains these necessary digital assets for your small business.

02 Social media

It's all around us and your business is on it. Our service maintains, claims, and monitors these profiles. Providing context for your small business operations.

03 Customer relationship management

New and existing customers often seek information via email. These email contacts are valuable and provide an opportunity for you to manage your customer relationships independently. Segmentation, automation, list building and data security is just the beginning.

04 Small business software

Software is eating the world. Leverage it to save time and money throughout your business operations. We consult and integrate key software while providing 7 day a week support.

05 Digitalisation

No lock-in, 100% ownership type of digitalisation. No disrupting how you work best, independent and free. It's about securing your digital identity, improving your online presence, increasing your businesses value and protecting your customer information. And we do it all in an easy month-to-month package, where you retain 100% ownership over your businesses valuable online presence and digital identity.

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